Tuesday, January 15, 2008

If Only The Clock Would Tick 5 Beats Slower

… then I would've more time to blog. And slack. Zzzz.

I’ve loads of picture to be edited and posted up here! But then [refer to title].
I also have so many things to talk about and to record down here! But then [refer to title].

BUT I had a great time over the past week and things were kicking! Alright, real quick, in point form first! :)

- I watched Game Plan! Madison Pettis is da bomb! I want a daughter like her, with the curls and wit and all. Haha.

- We planned a weekend getaway to… somewhere 5 minutes drive away from home -_- lol It’s Equatorial Hotel! The place where we naively say yes to a lifetime of laundry and dishes! It was bitter sweet walking around the premise again. We reminisced the time we both broke down after the wedding - I in the shower, he along the corridor over the phone with my aunt who helped us a tremendous lot - it was like a huge brick had been lifted up our shoulders, or… maybe it has gotten heavier. Hehe.

Oh along the day we had some stupid you-don’t-love-me-anymore-shriek-kick-tantrum disagreement and he was acting all stern and cold faced and he refused to talk to me, making me feel like stabbing him with the coffee stirrer provided in the room, and then came dinner time, he asked something that made me felt even more like stabbing him with not one, but a dozen of coffee stirrers! Grr.

“What for dinner?”
Then I had to be all jual mahal mah, right? So I said, “Don’t know,” nonchalantly
“We go Metro Kajang lah”

METRO KAJANG?! DID YOU JUST SAY METRO KAJANG???? *flames and sparks and thunders were dancing on my head already chibabom* (oh, Metro Kajang is something like…. erm, Pudu Raya in a small town, a Fajar supermarket in some kampung, except it’s a well, Kajang town, or something to that effect lah)

I couldn’t say no or make noise, because I sedang jual mahal, remember? Nonchalant some more lah T___T

This one “point form” is as good as a blog entry already, so [to be continued] lah! Haha!

- Sungai Gabai waterfalls with the youth on Thursday! Woots! OK, not so woots-y for having to climb the “mountain” to get to the fountain (hey it rhymes!) only to be greeted by a sea of human flooding the river (some were even SHAMPOOING their hair under the waterfalls! Can you believe it?! Gah!) and having to cross a raging river T__T; but woots to the company!

We had a great time! Even for Jason who kept groaning about how he didn’t fit in, age wise. He ended up being the little big boy who kept going on slides tumbling-free-style down the waterfalls and came back with swollen wrists and knees, but hey let’s tumble some more -_-! I later learned that most of the guys got some blue black some where. And they’d all tell me the same thing, and I mean the exact same speech: "ala! No pain no gain mah! You want to have fun sure must hurt yourself wan lah! These are our hero marks”

Yala. You. Hero.

So while waiting for the doctor in the hospital, Jason's arm were put in sling,

Excitedly “eh dear! Look! Sling! It’s my dream to be in a sling or cast since I was young you know! See! Sling!!!!” *giggle*giggle*


- Went to Melaka on the recent weekend and had the famed cendol along Jonker Street! Oh and MY DREAM to wake up at 4 for McD’s was fulfilled! *giggle*giggle*

- Going to the press screening of CLOVERFIELD tomorrow and check out what’s the hype’s all about! I was told I can’t even bring my hand phone in, although my phone is an old, cheap brick Nokia with no camera and Bluetooth, and infrared, and you-name-it-I-don’t-have-it phone. Konon the movie is going to be screened before US does.

- OH. And BY THE WAY, we have decided to move out from Bangi! :D are you feeling my vibe here? Yes? YES? Yes! That means we can keep dogs in our to-be new home! Yay!


CheLLe said...

I totally agree...I mean about the young actress in the movie Game Plan. =D

Abby's Mummy said...

wahh...weekend away to the hotel of memories...

Be good! *wink wink wink*

davidbong said...

Haizzz...still no news on whether you are going to have a baby...

Anyway, when r u both moving out to a new house? Where?

Michelle said...

i love game plan and i wanna have a daughter like her too!!! hehe