Monday, January 21, 2008

I'll Stay Positive & Call It Blessings

This week leading to my 28th year on earth... eh wait...... ah yeah lah! 28th -_-, I’ll be blessed with:

1. Food put together by my colleagues Done Ate
2. Food put together by my colleagues Done Ate
3. Food review Done! Awesome ambience!
4. Food review
5. Food review
6. Possible extensive, elaborate breakfast courtesy of the other half
7. Possible food galore at mom’s

I feel… something’s ballooning O.o


Andrew said...

Hi Leishia... Didn't know how else to drop you a note to say hi on your blog. Hope you don't mind me randomly posting here. How've you been? Have not been over at your blog for some time now. Been busy. Hope to catch up. Take care...

leishia said...

hey there andrew! :) thanks for dropping by! no worries about dropping a note here. hah. that's what comment boxes are for in the first place! hope to see u around more often! have a great one dude! ;)