Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Now I Know Why Advertlets Redirected My Blog

Yesterday my number one fan (who else, Jason lah) called me and told me, in a rather nervous voice that the whole morning he’s been trying to load my blog and every single time without fail, after my page was loaded for 1 second, it will be redirected to the advertlets site… or something.

The funny thing was, when I load my own page from my office computer, I wasn’t redirected. So I thought either one of us has screwed ourselves up either with the browser setting (is this even relevant?!) or the ad code (busted! I clicked my own ad! Heh.)

So anyway, after getting Essie to test out and the answer came back the same, that she was redirected to advertlets too. I had no choice but to remove the advertlets’ code (judging by the way I’m earning with advertlets, I’m positive I’ll be able to cash out 5 bucks to buy meself a nice pressie when I celebrate my 100th birthday. Yay.), and the page loaded fine since.

Anyway, I just found out (from Eddie of msb online) that I’m not the only one who’s experiencing the redirecting; almost the whole bloggoland was getting it - turns out blogs are automatically redirected to an empty parking domain as a result of Advertlets' oversight in renewing their domain. It’s soooo good to know I’m not alone and that it wasn’t me who screwed up anything! Pfft!

The worse part, because of the redirecting, Eddie was deducted of his earning with nuffnang because the advertisers didn’t get the promised unique visitors per day. Sucky. I’m just glad I’ve removed mine in time (uh, I hope. Fingers crossed crossed! Samantha of nuffnang please don’t write to me pwease! T__T)

Oh I don’t know. I thought both advertlets and nuffnang were on equal ground when they took off. Look like there’s much damage control for advertlets to do now. Ah well.


CheLLe said...

haha. i read the comment you left in anya's blog. =D ooo erm btw i already changed my blog (peppermintparadise.blogspot.com) though of course it's not as interesting as my mum's...erm i mean my "lil sister"s one. =D

Alvin said...

silly advertlets....*grunts*..i think so far i earn like RM0.20 after 2 years?

Crappy...and the mess they've make few days back...sigh...they sent every blogger a note of apology...long winded email that changes nothing-advertlets sucks..