Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Xin Nian Kuai Le!

The smell of freshly peeled mandarin oranges and yok gon being BBQ-ed at the roadside stalls, the scorching sun, the festive traffic jam, the noisy dong dong chiang songs blasting from shop lots, and the malls washed in red! All these spell only ONE thing! ONE thing people!!!!!


I love love love the last 3 days before Chinese New Year because it means Chinese New Year is coming! Hehe. But the minute the first day hit, then no fun ady, because the few days of holiday will just fly. Le sigh.

But! Let’s not damp the spirit now, shall we? :):) These are what I love about CNY…

- The oily, burnt yok gon
- The taste of bubbly Shandy lulling on my tongue
- The reunion dinner!!!
- My parents’ shady, air-conditioned house in the hot of the afternoons
- Watching often re-aired Hong Kong romantic comedies
- The sleep fest
- The fried nian gao / sweet potato sandwich
- The hakka chap choy dish (must be eaten with chilli sauce!) done to perfection by my grandma on the first day of CNY!
- Ang pau
- The smuggled-in McD meals on the first day when we’re supposed to be an one-day-vegetarian. Shhhh.

Ooo! Fun!!!! :D

Have yourself a great, great, GREAT CNY holiday ok????

*is excited like a can of shaken cola - gonna explode soon!!!!*

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